This document is applicable to Distributed Systems (DS), i.e. high security locks with components which have a wired or wireless connection via a transmission system in order to execute fixed operating conditions using different individually fixed access possibilities. Products which are to be tested on the basis of this document comply with the generally recognized state of the art at the time of testing. Due to the short innovation cycles in the field of electronic and, in particular, information technology applications, the technical possibilities available at the time of product development should also be taken into account during implementation. Distributed systems can be used, for example, to operate high security locks of secure storage units (safes and strongrooms). High security locks (HSL) are used in DS as locking unit. This document does not apply for stand-alone HSL, which are not part of a distributed system. For these stand-alone HSL EN 1300 is applicable only. The document will be revised with a frequency of 3 years as the research in the area of cryptography and relevant attacks evolve with high speed as well as the referenced standards.
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03 August 2022